July 22, 2004

Bush Advances Gay Rights

President Bush's endorsement of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage could prove to be a great moment for gay rights. This may seem an absurd statement, both to gay rights activists who have roundly denounced the decision and to religious conservatives who have cheered it. But in explaining the president's position, White House spokesman Scott McClellan insisted that while Bush backed the amendment, he would also support the rights of states to provide various partnership benefits, including civil unions. Though the news emphasis has been on the former, the practical consequences of the latter are huge.

Bush Plays Both Sides in Debate Over Marriage
Washington -- President Bush took another carefully calibrated step toward endorsing a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage Tuesday night, but his elliptical comments left such ample room for interpretation that some described them as "Clintonian." Bush also for the first time raised the issue of the longstanding right of states, rather than the federal government, to determine "legal arrangements" between couples. His remarks seemed to condone the civil union statute adopted by Vermont, or California's new domestic partnership law, both of which grant lesbian and gay couples the legal rights of marriage without calling it marriage.

Only One Presidential Candidate Opposes Same-Sex Unions
Traditional, Biblical marriage is under an all out assault in America, and unfortunately, there is virtually no difference between the two major parties in the effort to preserve it. Both President G.W. Bush and Democrat John Kerry would stand back and allow militant homosexuals and their supporters destroy the institution of marriage in this country.

Posted by Editor at July 22, 2004 01:21 PM

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