June 19, 2008

Porn Squad Rescues US Girl from Life of Torture

The Australian
She was a girl most police around the world thought had been lost to the violent hand of her abuser. As a Queensland-led investigation smashed the oldest and most sophisticated internet pedophile ring ever known, the tortured face of the child haunted law enforcement agencies in 20 countries, who had been unable to find out who she was, where she lived and how to rescue her. For two years, police had watched her grow up on film. Thousands of pictures and movies had been shot of her being abused, sometimes at knifepoint, with the series becoming a "collector's item" among the insidious network of pedophiles.

On Tuesday night, FBI agents raided the US home of the abuser - James "Bart" Huskey, who gave her the pseudonym of "Tara" on the internet - and took her to safety. According to an FBI affidavit, obtained by The Australian, Tara had been raped by Huskey, 38, the previous day. Not surprisingly, it was captured on film and destined to be shared with thousands on the internet. Huskey, a married tennis coach (living in the northwest mountains of the state Georgia) with two children, is now behind bars in a high-security jail in Atlanta after being charged with abusing Tara and filming and photographing the offences over a four-year period.
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Affidavit in Bart Huskey Child Porn Case
Walker County Messenger
LaFayette GA -- Editor's note: This affidavit includes graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Child Porn Charges Shock Community,
Investigators Search for Victims

WDEF News 12, TN
People who know James Huskey can't believe the horrendous charges against him. Sandra Hendrix, works in the store Huskey visits: "He's in here two or three times a day, you know. He talks about his kids that he teachers. He's got 2 kids of his own and he just seems to be real good with them and I just can't see him doing something like that." But prosecutors say the LaFayette, Georgia man has admitted to one of the most shocking sexual abuse cases they have ever seen. Videotaped rapes of a young girl... Which were then shared in an international child porn club. The news was even a shock to his family. Dumas Jackson, Huskey's Father-in-Law says, "With the surprise of it.... And not having any idea that anything like that was going on."

Tracking a trafficker: Investigator
talks about her role in child porn case

Catoosa County News
On Monday, authorities arrested Bart Huskey of LaFayette on charges of child molestation and trafficking child pornography over the Internet. According to prosecutors, the images Huskey was posting vividly portrayed his repeated rape of a young girl over the span of several years. According to the affidavit detailing the charges against Huskey, authorities were able to identify and locate him through some unbelievable detective work using the very images he posted online. Computer forensic examiner Dawn Ego of the Maine State Police computer crimes unit is being credited for the arrest of Huskey.

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