July 23, 2009

Dr. Bernard Albina Is 'Worst Child Molesters' Police Have Ever Seen

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HOUSTON -- A prominent Houston doctor known for charitable donations is accused of being one of the worst child molesters police has ever seen. Prosecutors say orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bernard Albina, 69, bribed young boys with hush money and gifts. He was arrested Tuesday morning at his million dollar home off Memorial Drive. He lists his practice at St. Joseph Medical Center, but a spokeswoman says he hasn't been active since June 2008. Albina was known as "Uncle Bernie" to young boys, a sweet old man they couldn't help but trust, but in criminal complaints there are allegations making veteran officers sick. "Bernard Albina is one of the most obsessed child molesters I've ever seen since I've been in the unit," said J.T. Roscoe, Houston Police Department.
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Houston Doctor Accused of Homosex Abuse of Boys
A 69-year old orthopedic surgeon who investigators said went to extraordinary lengths including buying houses to gain access to families of children he is accused of molesting was arrested Tuesday, accused of sexually abusing at least four boys as young as 4. After uncovering dozens of binders stuffed with pictures of children and news articles about kidnapping and child brutality, investigators said Bernard Zacharia Albina was one of the smartest, most obsessed pedophiles they had seen, masking himself as a doting grandfather figure.

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