August 13, 2009

Polygamous Cult Leader Arvin Shreeve Dies in State Prison

A polygamous sect leader from Ogden has died at the Utah State Prison. Arvin Shreeve, 79, died Monday of natural causes, said Utah Department of Corrections Deputy Director Mike Haddon. He had been convicted of child abuse in 1991. His death was reported at 5 p.m. by medical personnel at the Wasatch Infirmary at the prison's main site in Draper. Shreeve was moved to the infirmary on July 8. "We knew that he was going to pass pretty soon," Haddon said. He was previously housed at the special service dorm for sex offenders since being imprisoned on Dec. 24, 1991. Shreeve was the leader of the Zion Society, a cult whose religious teachings included group and lesbian sex instructions. Prosecutors said at least 10 children were molested by Shreeve and his followers, 10 of whom were later charged with child sex abuse.
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